KPM Film X

A growing regional CPA/IT consulting firm, KPM & Associates has been working with BFD for more than four years developing the firm’s website, completing a brand overhaul, and managing marketing collateral and PR under the direction of the firm’s marketing manager. Last year, KPM also approached BFD to create a microsite for CPA firm’s unique and growing film tax credit practice.

After a deep dive discovery process where BFD reviewed the new service line and the competition, we offered an integrated digital marketing approach that included several components designed to work together and drive thought leadership, engagement and lead–generation:

  1. Implement original creative that appeals, to studio partners, without pandering them
  2. Develop an interactive map that demonstrated expertise to production accountants seeking tax data for each state.
  3. Reinforce “expert” positioning through social media and newsletters.
  4. Drive traffic to the site with targeted SEO and SEM.

Initially, Bluefish designers and developers built a powerful search-optimized website with compelling content and top-searched keywords and then we tied those keywords into a pay-for-performance program that delivers page-one Google results.

We then helped to create a blog and social media content plan that leverages the firm’s existing knowledge-base and turns it into easily digested and sharable content. We established a Twitter persona and following to market that content and keep studios informed of changes in various state laws and converted specific calls to action to create a super qualified data base of opted-in names for hyper-targeted direct emails designed to nurture leads and drive conversions.