Bluefish Digital Marketing


We’re an advertising and marketing agency located north of Boston.

Businesses and non-profits turn to us when they need the marketing expertise of a traditional advertising agency combined with the ability execute across digital media channels such as social media, email, digital advertising and inbound marketing.

We’re fast, aggressive and ruthlessly efficient – just like our namesake. Unlike the Bluefish, however, we are also sensitive and thoughtful beings who give a damn about making a difference in our clients’ businesses.

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The Bluefish Offices

Delivering Creative to a client

Despite what the newly-minted digital marketing experts (or ninjas, gurus or whatever else they put on their business card), marketing has not changed that much. Good marketing fundamentals never go out of style – they just change channels. We harness the power of those channels to help our clients achieve their goals.

At the end of every day, we ask ourselves, “Are we helping to solve our client’s business problems?” if not, we stop and regroup and get back on the right path.

From startups to global brands – we know how to plan, create content and execute campaigns that get results.

To speak with us about any of our service areas and how we might be able to help you achieve your business objectives, call us at 978-238-1626 today.