Bluefish Digital Marketing

Leadership Team

The Bluefish team is led by two, dedicated marketing “lifers” who share a passion for great branding. With more than five decades of experience, we live, breathe and eat everything marketing. We’ve worked with world-leading brands and startups and bring an entrepreneurial spirit to all of our engagements.


Jeremy France

Jeremy has a knack for turning just about any conversation into a discussion about how such and such messaging and branding is or is not right for a given company. As much fun as that sounds at parties, it is actually useful here at Bluefish. We don’t start to talk content or execution without thoroughly understanding the brand and customer. That’s not just marketing copy, that’s an obsession.

Jeremy has spent the better part of 20 years working with companies and non-profits to identify their audience then developing the creative content to help them reach, engage and activate that audience. When we all “went digital” several years ago it was not that much different

Jeremy’s focus at Bluefish tends to be focused on defining audiences, brand strategy, visual content, inbound marketing, and website design/development.

He lives with his family in a house they built together surrounded by the salt marshes just outside of Newburyport. He spends his free time coaching youth lacrosse, fishing and going to the beach.

Jeffrey Hodnett

Jeffrey Hodnett

For the better part of two decades, Jeff has delivered results-based marketing and communications campaigns for leading companies in high-technology, telecommunications, health care and consumer product markets.

Jeff has a dogged dedication to branding and a knack for creating stories that stick. Digital marketing, social media and inbound quickly became logical outlets for Jeff’s creative juices.

He’s seen life from the agency side – having spent nearly a decade working with award-winning agencies Mullen and Blanc & Otus – and the client side with big companies (GTE and Juniper), small start-ups (Golf Gators), and everything in between. Jeff’s marketing experience ranges from running around Boston in a wetsuit on tax day to promote a new ice tea (not my idea) to developing a reality show pilot for the Travel Channel.

Jeff’s an avid fisherman, a decent soccer player, and openly admits that he will stop and watch Road House anytime it’s on cable.