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Why Digital?

Good marketing fundamentals never go out of style - they just change channels.

“Digital marketing” is really just capitalizing on the way that today’s consumer processes media, communicates with peers, and ultimately gets the information they he/she needs to make buying decisions. As digital marketers, we understand how to take fundamental (old school) marketing principles and apply them to the new channels with strategies that are most effective at generating brand awareness, sales and return on your investment.

As marketers, we have always been tasked with creating content and deciding which channels to use for distribution (TV, radio, print, direct mail), and each channel has had its own strengths, weaknesses and subtleties. The primary difference with these newer, digital channels (social media, websites, pay-per-click) is that they tend to be more democratic and allow for feedback and 2-way conversations.

That’s different — way different. It’s big and new and scary to many traditional marketers, but we get it and think it is awesome, as long as you’re prepared; which we are.

Marketing ultimately is about trying to sell something to someone. Our job as marketers is identify that person and craft a message they’ll respond to. New digital channels make this process more accurate than ever.

Then we need to create compelling content around that message, and get that content in front of them by executing it across your digital channels like website, a pay-per-click campaign or even a YouTube video.

That’s what advertising and marketing has always been about. The same marketing principles, we’re just changing the channel; literally.