Bluefish Digital Marketing
  • Why the name Bluefish Digital

Why the Name?

Since you asked…

The two founding partners are both avid fisherman and have been chasing bluefish, striped bass, and tuna all over the North Shore since college (maybe a little less “avid” since we’ve had kids.) We’ve come to respect the mighty bluefish for its speed, nimbleness, tenacity and laser-like focus on the task at hand (which is usually chomping through bait fish with reckless abandon.)

Bluefish tend to be an acquired taste but those who love them are passionate about it. As an agency, we’ve fashioned ourselves in a similar manner. We want our clients to be passionate about what they do because we’re passionate about the work we do for them.

Bluefish tend to be opportunistic feeders that will rarely turn down a meal, eating just about anything in their path (video link to bluefish feeding). As a “boutique agency” we tend to be more selective when we choose our engagements and often turn down projects that don’t seem like a great fit so that we can focus our time and energy on those that are.