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Innovative Chemistry Company with Proven Global Success Needed a Brand and Website to match its history of success.

1) Situation

Since the mid-1920’s, Cooley/Group has been an innovative manufacturer of high-performance polymeric solutions for everyone from the military to leading producers in the building and commercial graphics industry. The Company is a legitimate market leader in their industry with a website that was far from representative of their innovation and success. They needed to upgrade their online presence with all new content (both visual and written) and an optimized website as way to project their success and innovation ahead of an upcoming 90th anniversary celebration.

2) Strategy

Following a brand interrogation session with key Cooley management, BFD proposed a website that would promote the Company as a “larger” global brand by brings Cooley’s innovative sustainable chemistry and proven performance to the forefront through “hero” photos of major installation and applications. This helped connect Cooley with an audience that may not know its name, but uses its products every day. Potential customers often didn’t know Cooley product names, but knew what they needed so Bluefish also created a content strategy that allowed visitors to find what they needed by product, service line or application.

3) Content & Creative

Working with Cooley Marketing and Design teams, Bluefish designed and built a modern, responsive website that would accomplish the strategic goals mentioned above. The bold design featuring striking images of their products across the world projects the image of a modern global organization. The site’s copy was then segmented to reach a variety of potential buyers with distinct needs and interests. Users could find content based on their product name, or by the functionality provided. Bluefish also matched product line pages with newly created marketing sell-sheets and technical spec documents for a cohesive visual package.

4) Execution

The main channel for this project was a new website with dramatically improved functionality. It offers an intuitive navigation that easily allows a prospective customer to view products based on either their industry or type of product. We also made it simple for them to access the tools and resources that would best move them along in the sales and marketing funnel – product data sheets, requests for quotes, product samples and more. Bluefish turned a basic corporate website into a content library that helped both prospects and current customers access the data and information they needed to choose Cooley when specifying suppliers for new projects.

5) Results

The Company’s new website is best described by a customer who said, “that doesn’t look like Cooley, it looks like a much larger Company!” The new website has also helped improve impressions on overseas vendors and customers who now see Cooley/Group as a global player in the polymer and textile industries. Finally, the improvements to the site’s user experience (UE) – making the site easy to navigate by product or application and creating an easy-to-fine product information, samples requests and materials safety data sheets – has dramatically improved key user experience metrics including visitor bounce rate and time on site.

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