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Enanta Pharmaceuticals

Branding and Web Development for Growing Biotech Firm

1) Situation

The Director of Investor Relations for an emerging pharmaceutical research and development company on the fast track to finding a cure for Hepatitis C needed to enhance their brand and company image. Previously, most of their website’s visitors were industry insiders, mostly researchers or partners already familiar with their great work. However, a pending IPO, and subsequent launch of products based on their research, would thrust the firm and its website into the spotlight more than ever.

2) Strategy

BFD sat down with management to review potential new users for the website and what might help improve their user experience. New visitors would be less familiar with the company and more critical of the image it presented. BFD’s recommendation was that Enanta’s new brand and web presence had to do accomplish two primary goals: (1) Provide new visitors with a virtual education about their research and, (2) demonstrate a leadership position and expertise in their field of Hepatitis research.

Management didn’t want a lot of bells and whistles and subsequent “brand interrogation” interviews with senior management revealed the importance of educating the audience with scientific, chemistry-centric content while “humanizing” the impact of their research. It was important that our creative accomplished both without coming off patronizing.

3) Content & Creative

BFD went to work on defining the positioning and messaging for the project and created clean, sleek brand elements (logo, color palate and style guide) along with a modern website that stresses the importance of Enanta’s work. We brought a face to their work by contrasting impactful statistics with powerful human images and original photography of actual Enanta employees. New content and original graphics demonstrated both the urgent need and the potential size of the market for the cures that they are helping to create.

4) Execution

The company’s new branding elements and were initially executed on the new website prior to the company’s successful debut on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Other key elements of the brand were later incorporated into print and investor relations materials, quarterly and annual reports.

The website has since seen several updates to improve user experience (UE) including a responsive design facelift and new content to support the growing product portfolio and integration with multiple external vendors.

5) Results

Improved user experience and a cleaner, more modern brand helped to present visitors with a clear impression of the company and its research. Seamless integration with Enanta’s IR vendors made their website a hub for investors (and potential investors) to easily access financial information and their research pipeline.

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