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Branding and Aggressive Inbound Marketing Program Helps Regional Accounting Firm Stay in Front of Potential Clients

1) Situation

A growing regional CPA and IT consulting firm, Kevin P. Martin & Associates (KPM), has been partnering with Bluefish for marketing services for more than five years. Bluefish Digital has helped KPM in several key areas, from developing three websites for the firm, to developing content in all forms and executing email and even PR campaigns. In 2015, the firm approached Bluefish to help them generate leads for a new line of business that helped film and TV producers take advantage of tax credits that various locations around the U.S. offer to shoot in their states.

2) Strategy

We initially performed our deep dive discovery process to better understand the firm’s service line and its level of expertise (positioning), and then benchmarked the competition. We then outlined an integrated inbound marketing plan to help them reach their goals that incorporated several services and channels including branding, blogging, website copy, website design/build, social media management, SEO and AdWords.

3) Content & Creative

BFD first designed a website that would serve as a hub for the lead generation program. We created an interactive map that users could click on to get an overview of the tax incentives in each state. We then went deeper and created blog posts that discussed current and pending regulation changes and success stories in more detail, leveraging the firm’s existing knowledge-base and turning it into easily digested and sharable content.

KPM Twitter Followers

4) Execution

This highly targeted campaign aimed to promote the firm’s rapidly growing Film Tax Incentive business as experts in this unique field. Based on the narrowly defined audience – film studios – this project is a natural fit for an inbound marketing campaign. The website was optimized for SEO on each of the state’s keywords, and then a targeted Google AdWords campaign was created to specifically reach state which were popular filming destinations.

Bluefish regularly monitors the news to see which states are showing up most in search (usually due to changes in regulation – either good or bad) and adjusts our campaigns accordingly. Each state-focused campaign directs users to a specific landing page that offers pertinent “thought leadership” information as well as variety of calls to action to learn more in detail.

Finally, we established a Twitter persona to market that content and keep studio executives informed of changes in various state laws and converted specific calls to action to create a super qualified data base of opted-in names for hyper-targeted direct emails designed to nurture leads and drive conversions.

5) Results

Armed with a search-optimized website featuring compelling content and top-searched keywords and combined a pay-for-performance program using the same keywords we are delivering page-one Google results for specific keywords.

In the first month of the six-month program, Bluefish more than tripled the previous month’s impressions with more than 10,000; generated 310 leads (vs. 49 the previous month); and grew the firm’s twitter following from 73 to over 1,100.

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