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New England Turf Store

Using AdWords and Custom Landing Pages to Generate Leads

1) Situation

One of the country’s leading installers of artificial stadium turf for high schools, colleges and professional sports teams approached Bluefish with a unique problem. For several years they had been very successful running a larger business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing organization. Recognizing consumer trends, they wanted to start a business-to-consumer (B2C) division aimed at consumers looking to put putting greens, practice fields and other general turf applications in yards and corporate properties.

2) Strategy

We worked with the management at New England Turf Store (NETS) to help them identify their buyer personas (homeowners and landscape contractors) and a suggested a marketing mix that brought AdWords, SEO, websites and traditional marketing together to 1) fit their budget and 2) get their content in the right places and in front of the right people to drive traffic and sales.

3) Content & Creative

New England Turf Store is a perfect example of a company that has found success with an integrated digital marketing approach using several pieces from each of our service lines. We initially created a content map for their website and helped develop appropriate content for use on the web (and later on brochures and sales sheets) that specifically matching the appropriate products and services to the appropriate customer persona.

4) Execution

Once buyer personas were developed, and content was created, we designed and built a consumer-focused website that is heavy on education and product information that also showcased their products and installation services. We paired that with an effective pay-per-click/AdWords campaign that drives qualified traffic to the custom landing pages on the website (with custom phone numbers and lead forms for tracking and analysis) and created branded marketing and sales material to assist the sales team with lead nurturing.

5) Results

Bluefish developed and continues to run laser-focused AdWords campaigns that maintain dominant top 3 positions on critical keywords. Multiple, unique landing pages and custom lead generation tools combined to push more than 15,000 qualified leads to New England Turf Store at cost of roughly $1.85 per lead. This was dramatically more efficient than their traditional trade show, Yellow Pages and direct mail efforts combined.
This holistic, integrated digital marketing approach made up of strategy, planning, smart content and execution allows us to maximize efficiency for the client and provide a world-class and seamless user experience for their prospective clients and customers.

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