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Timberland PRO

Video and Content Strategy to Grow and Engage Audiences via Social Media

1) Situation

The venerable Timberland brand was looking for a social media partner for its PRO line of work boots. The PRO customer has a buyer persona / profile (professional, commercial and industrial users) distinct from the better-known, primary consumer brand. They wanted to improve their under-utilized social media channels to promote new products, support retailers and reach new potential customers.

2) Strategy

After a thorough discovery process and market analysis, BFD was able to develop a crystal clear buyer persona of the Timberland PRO customer – identifying characteristics like job, income, hobbies and where he spent his time online. We recommended a content-driven approach that focused on lifestyle content and chose Facebook as our initial social media platform.

BFD proposed a strategy that to utilize existing social media combined with deeper data analysis to effectively locate and target their audience. This would allow us to manage their social media presence across multiple channels and create and delivering content with the authenticity and integrity that the PRO customer required.

3) Content & Creative

A core component of our content strategy with Timberland PRO was original video content, so we began creating video content with the goal of educating our audience on product features and benefits. The feedback and results were obvious and immediate; our audience was loving our new video series. The next phase in our content plan was our lifestyle series called “A Day in the Boot” which we just recently kicked off.

4) Execution

As discussed above, Facebook was our primary channel for promoting our content. Contrary to mainstream social media trends, our research found that the PRO consumer was still more likely to be using Facebook as his primary social platform and focused our core efforts there. In an effort to simultaneously expand their other social media channels, we selectively leveraged relevant content onto Instagram and Twitter and YouTube.

5) Results

Bluefish Digital’s strategy and tactics have driven growth of Timberland PRO’s Facebook audience from 28K to more than 100k. Likewise we doubled the Twitter following and grew Instagram from scratch to more than 7,000 followers in just a few months.

Engagement also dramatically increased as we established credibility with our PRO audience by demonstrating that that we knew who they were and what they did through original content (images, video and text) and carefully curated content that resonated with our audience. The Bluefish-created and produced original brand video, “A Day in the Boot,” became the single most effective piece of social content in the Company’s history with nearly 1.5 million impressions and 80 thousand views in three weeks.

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