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Wild Oceans

Growing Not for Profit Turns to Bluefish for a New Website and A Social Media Awareness and Fundraising Campaign

1) Situation

Wild Oceans is an organization that was founded by fisherman to “keep the oceans wild to preserve fishing opportunities for the future.” The organization had been suffering a significant amount of brand confusion due to a recent name change. It was also having trouble reaching potential donors due to the “online noise” created by and associated with other near-neighbor non-profits.

2) Strategy

Bluefish Digital initially conducted a social media assessment and presented our findings during a two-day off-site retreat with the organization’s leadership. We also performed an intense brand interrogation, during which time we started to get a handle on the buyer persona as well as Wild Oceans’ unique value proposition and organizational distinctive. A few weeks later Bluefish delivered a 360 marketing audit that included a SWOT analysis, detailed buyer persona, and recommendations for a fully-integrated digital marketing plan.

3) Content & Creative

Fortunately for us, this is an organization of smart people who are passionate about their cause and motivated to create change. Our marketing plan included a new, responsive website that used bold colors and visuals along with fresh content to tell their story.

Phase two was to create content around the men and women who are either staff, board members or supporters of the organization. We named this campaign “I am Wild Oceans” since we are putting faces to the organization, but also because it demonstrates that Wild Oceans is a diverse group of people ranging from scientists to fishermen.

This content is being used to increase awareness of the organization and the cause across multiple channels including, on the website, social media and in direct email campaigns.

4) Execution

The campaign involved turning the content we had created into a lead nurturing campaign that utilized targeted Facebook advertising to drive people to customized landing pages where they would sign up to receive more information. A series of five follow-up emails was then created to directly reach those leads with content and calls to action that appealed to their expressed interest. These personalized emails included a mix of valuable content with a variety of calls to action designed to ultimately earn the visitors’ trust and convert them into members or supporters.

5) Results

The inbound portion of the campaign is still in the planning and development stages, but response to the new, responsive website and improved social media content has been overwhelmingly positive.

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