Bluefish Digital Marketing

Services: What we do

Our primary service areas fall under three general categories:
Strategy and Consulting, Content and Creative and Channels and Execution.

For many of our clients, and for the best chance at success we combine elements of all three categories, creating and executing fully-integrated, digital marketing campaigns, often referred to as integrated or inbound marketing.

We understand each client has unique needs so we offer all of our services a la carte as client needs dictate. For some clients, many components of their marketing programs are already in position and performing well, so we just help define their target audience and build them a website. Others are just looking for social media expertise so we advise them or run their entire social media program. Each client is different and we welcome each new challenge.

We also have experience working with both internal marketing teams and other agencies to help put you on the path to a successful marketing campaign.

Our Marketing Services

Our Service Areas

Strategy & Consulting

  • Buyer Persona Development Research key characteristics of your target customer and give them a name, a face and personality. Great marketing initiatives start here.
  • Messaging & Positioning Crafting and refining your brand story and how to communicate it to your target customer. This work serves as the basis for brand development. Corporate identity programs and ultimately, provides direction to content.
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media PlanningWe work with clients to develop marketing plans that get results. While most clients achieve maximum ROI from a fully integrated inbound marketing program, others just need a new website or help managing their social media channels. We work with you to create campaign and workflows that work for your business.
  • Inbound Marketing As HubSpot certified inbound marketing partners, we create effective inbound campaigns and content that generate leads and focus multiple marketing channels toward one goal.
  • SEO Good SEO is the result of solid marketing principals. Bring the right strategy, targeting, positioning, content and execution together and the keywords will fall into place. Too many people do this in reverse and the results are a shortsighted campaign that delivers short-lived results. BFD integrates SEO strategy and techniques into all phases of our integrated campaigns.

Content & Creative

  • Brand Development  Logos, typography, color palettes, image styles, mood boards
  • Blogging  Regularly creating new content to give visitors a reason to come to (or come back to) your website.
  • Thought Leadership   E-books & whitepapers, case studies and testimonials all offer something of value to educate consumers. Raising your profile also raises your chances to convert prospects into buyers.
  • Video  Interviews, customer testimonials, and corporate culture pieces, brand stories entertain, educate and provide another vehicle to inform your audience.
  • Design & Photography  From website layout, to brand and product photography to original images and infographics, we can help you stand out and get your message across to an increasingly visual world.
  • Website and Landing Page Copy  Tell your story and sell your product or service with content that educates and informs your prospect about your business and its unique value proposition.

Channels & Execution

  • Website The core of a great digital marketing campaign: Corporate websites, landing pages, blog entries all live on websites we optimize for lead generation
  • Pay-per-Click and AdWords Drive traffic to your website and landing pages with highly targeted pay-per-click advertising campaigns.
  • Public Relations Targeted press campaigns provide air cover and spread awareness
  • Ecommerce SolutionsWe help you build a vehicle to sell your products directly, and provide the marketing fuel to make sure you’re running at full speed.
  • Media Planning/Buying Determining the right channels to reach the right people and maximize ROI based on your budget and goals.

To speak with us about any of our service areas and how we might be able to help you achieve your business objectives, call us at 978-238-1626 today.