Bluefish Digital Marketing

Channels and Execution

You’ve done your homework and know who you’re selling to; you’ve also created compelling, educational and informative content that addresses the needs of your buyer persona. Now it’s time to execute, to distribute that content via your website, blogs, social media, advertising, email marketing and public relations.

Bringing all of the moving parts together can be a daunting task. At Bluefish we’ve got the resources and experience to execute the campaign and place your content in the right place at the right time for maximum effect.


Design, development, optimizing and maintenance

Bluefish evolved from a web-design company into a digital marketing firm, and we still love to make clients happy by delivering great new websites. Every day we help clients develop online tools – from websites, to landing pages and apps – that get results by putting user-experience first. More

Social Media

Plan and Execute sophisticated paid and organic campaigns

Too many people think of social media as a panacea to their marketing problems. In reality, social media is just another marketing channel (albeit a very powerful channel for a lot of marketers) to reach buyers with a message in a targeted way that traditional channels like print and TV just can’t do. More

Email Marketing

Nurture leads into prospects and keep your brand in front of potential buyers

In the pecking order of marketing channels, Email marketing often gets a bad rap. While it may not be “glamorous,” it can be one of the most effective marketing channels and a critical element of an integrated digital marketing campaign. And we think results are pretty sexy. More

Pay-Per-Click / Google AdWords

Drive traffic to your website and landing pages with highly targeted pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Executing a kick-ass AdWords campaign requires near-constant attention. Every day we are testing and adjusting various keywords, landing pages and calls to action, to fine-tune your AdWords program into a results-generating machine. More

Influencer Marketing

P2P marketing and ambassador programs

All the marketing in the world can’t compete with a recommendation from a trusted source. Be it a celebrity, a recognized authority in the field, or just a trusted friend or family member, utilizing Peer-to-Peer marketing can be a great equalizer in a competitive marketplace. More

Public Relations

Targeted press campaigns provide air cover and spread awareness

A little “old school” for some, the importance of public relations in an integrated marketing campaign cannot be overlooked. Critical in many industries – High Tech, Biotech, and Finance – good press is still a valuable asset to startups and established brands alike. More

Ecommerce Solutions

Elegant Ecommerce sites based on the Shopify platform.

We generally pride ourselves on being technology agnostic – different situations call for different technologies, but when it comes to ecommerce, we’re all in on Shopify. We’re regulars at Shopify events and have been working with the platform since its early days several years ago. More

Media Planning/Buying

Planning, budgeting and managing successful digital and social advertising campaigns

Digital media planning can be a challenge. Ever-evolving online advertising platforms like Facebook and AdWords continue to get more sophisticated and allow previously unheard of levels of granularity and targeting for those who know how to use them. More

We would love to talk about digital marketing execution and channels and the pros and cons of each. Feel free to call us at 978-238-1626 today