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Ecommerce Solutions

We generally pride ourselves on being technology agnostic – different situations call for different technologies, but when it comes to ecommerce, we’re all in on Shopify. We’re regulars at Shopify events and have been working with the platform for four years.

In short, it Shopify defines best-of-breed for the majority of clients and it just flat-out works. That means less hassle and headaches for customers, shop owners and developers.

More than Just Selling

We’ve been developing ecommerce platforms for the better part of a decade and realize that pretty pictures and cool splash page aren’t all there is to ecommerce. From choosing the right payment gateway to integrating marketing programs that drive traffic, Bluefish brings the experience and insight of ecommerce veterans to each of our projects. We’re not just another design vendor, but really strive be a partner you can count on when it really matters to your business.

When it comes to online stores and ecommerce, Bluefish can help you with several key aspects, including:

  • Ecommerce site design and development
  • Product promotion and advertising
  • Third party integration and plugins
  • Billing and payment gateways
  • Reporting and inventory management
  • SEO

Shopify stores by Bluefish

If you have an existing store that you want to rebuild or bring onto Shopify, give us a call; or if you’re looking to bring a product to market, we can help with that. Call us today 978-238-1626.