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Email Marketing

In the pecking order of marketing channels, Email marketing often gets a bad rap. While it may not be “glamorous,” it can be one of the most effective marketing channels and a critical element of an integrated digital marketing campaign. And we think results are pretty sexy.

When done poorly, email marketing is nothing more than spam. When used properly as part of a permission-based, targeted, lead generation program, it can be devastatingly effective for nurturing tire-kickers into buyers.

Email Marketing Infographic

As fun as it is to produce TV spots and glossy creative, targeted email campaigns to well segmented lists deliver the measurable results that successful marketing departments (and careers) are built on.

Not only is email a great tool for lead nurturing and new sales, but smart businesses continue to use direct email as part of their customer retention program.

BFD can help you understand if email is right for you and if so, help you plan, develop and execute a lead-nurturing email program that converts contacts and prospects into buyers.

Some of our email marketing services include:

  • Copywriting
  • Email Layout and Coding/Markup
  • List Segmentation and Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Permission and Opt-in Management

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