Bluefish Digital Marketing

Content and Creative

We live in a content-driven society. With all the competition for our attention, simple click-bait won’t cut it. You need well-crafted, bespoke content that puts your company, brand or product above the all the noise. Today’s marketers are fighting for mind share, does your content make people want to pay attention?

Brand and Identity Development

Crafting and refining your story to the right audience

Your company is unique, is your brand’s identity as well? Every company has a great story. It doesn’t have to be the fairy tale of starting in a garage and then taking over the world. Maybe you’re still in the garage, or maybe you spent 20 years slowly but surely growing your law firm: Either way, you need a brand that stands out and tells the world who you are. More


Your company can become a publisher

Regularly producing new and pertinent blog content lets your audience know that you understand them and gives them a reason to come to (or come back to) your website. With our well-honed blog production process, Bluefish Digital can help you identify topics and produce blogs that your audience will devour. More

Thought Leadership/Premium Content

Position your brand and create compelling offers

Another valuable tool in the digital marketer’s toolbox is “thought leadership” or “Premium” content. This type of high-value content is generally more involved and usually longer than blogging and is great to position you as an expert in a particular field.More


Creative, Planning and Production

Video is the reigning king of content. According to Forbes, 65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video. Some examples of the types of video that work well depending on your company include: Interviews, Product Reviews, Brand Stories. More

Website and Landing Page Copy

Words worth Reading

Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing efforts and inbound marketing campaign so the copy on it must be on point. Even with video’s rapid ascendency to the content throne, people still read, and so do the search engines. But you’re not a publishing company, and you got solid B-minus in composition. That’s where we come in. More

Layout, Design & Photography

Compelling visuals for a digital world

In a global, mobile economy there always isn’t the time to read blogs, or watch videos. You need images that stop people from scrolling that also appeals to multiple cultures and cuts across multiple languages. How you utilize visuals to support and communicate your message has never been as important. From finding the right images for your online ads, to iconography and logos, Bluefish can help you get your message across without saying a word. More

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