Bluefish Digital Marketing

Brand & Identity Development

Every company has a great story. It doesn’t have to be the fairy tale of starting in a garage and then taking over the world. Maybe you’re still in the garage, or maybe you spent 20 years slowly but surely growing your law firm: Either way, you need a brand that stands out and tells the world who you are.

By understanding your buyer persona, and defining your positioning, we can work with you to develop a brand identity that is not only unique, but also right for you and your audience. When all is complete, your brand identity serves as a jumping off point for all of your other marketing content. These most often include: Logos, Typography, Color Palettes, Image Styles, Mood Boards

Our specific branding services that we provide include:

  • Brand Interrogation Workshops
  • Complete brand identity packages
  • Brand identity work as a component of an inbound marketing program
  • Logos and typography

Bluefish Logos and Identity Samnples

Brand identity work is still pretty much our favorite type of work; it brings us back to our roots and it allows us to really use our creativity to help our clients put their best foot forward.

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