Bluefish Digital Marketing

Strategy and Consulting

Our team brings years of marketing experience to our clients and delivers honest and insightful recommendations specifically designed to get results.

You know your stuff; there’s no denying that. But even top surgeons bring in experts for a second opinion.

Our team brings years of marketing experience to our clients and delivers honest and insightful marketing strategy recommendations specifically designed to get results. From buyer personas, positioning and planning, it’s imperative that you are saying the right thing to the right people at the right time – planning + content + context = marketing success.

Buyer Persona Development

Define and Understand your buyers before you try to sell to them

Developing buyer personas is critical to a business’ marketing for several reasons. They force you to think about your products and services in relation to your customer, their needs and why they might buy from you. It’s the first step towards creating content that speaks to them where they are. Instead of talking about product features, you learn to talk to and about the challenges your customer is facing. More


Experience-based strategic counsel that helps achieve results

You can’t rely on your content ‘going viral.’ Success requires solid planning and consistent execution. Whether you’re a start-up looking for funding, a non-profit seeking donors, or an established company launching a new product, let us help you put a plan in place that impresses your boss, wows your clients and helps you get that big year-end bonus. More

Messaging & Positioning

Identifying the key benefits and features that make you stand out

Where do your organization’s products or services fit in the marketplace? What are your distinctives? And what is your organization’s value proposition to the consumer? Getting this right is a very important step in marketing your company. More

Inbound Marketing

Helping customers come to you

Inbound marketing is defined as “using marketing to bring potential customers to you, rather than having your marketing efforts fight for their attention.” Effective inbound campaigns generate leads and focus multiple marketing channels toward one goal. More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get found by people who are looking for a solution

At Bluefish, we consider search optimization to be the natural result of careful planning, great content and intentional distribution. Search optimization has come a long way from the days of keyword stuffing. The engineers at Google, Bing and elsewhere work every day to ensure that their algorithms return the best result for any given search request. More

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