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Buyer Personas

Define and Understand your buyers before you try to sell to them

Developing buyer personas is critical to a business’ marketing for several reasons. They force you to think about your products and services in relation to your customer, their needs and why they might buy from you. It’s the first step towards creating content that speaks to them where they are. Instead of talking about product features, you learn to talk to and about the challenges your customer is facing.

Let us help you define your buyer personas. We’ve been doing it for years and our clients consistently tell us that they really like our results. We have created a methodology that utilizes a variety of resources and research that will pinpoint the people you should be selling to and how best to reach them.

The buyer persona development is generally included in most of our integrated or inbound marketing programs, but we also conduct buyer persona projects for clients who are looking to reassess their marketing or as an introduction to our inbound methodology.

Buyer Persona Services include:

  • Customer interviews
  • Surveys
  • Independent Research
  • Negative Persona Development
  • Focus Groups



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