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Inbound Marketing

Proud Hubspot Certified Partner

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Inbound marketing is defined as “using marketing to bring potential customers to you, rather than having your marketing efforts fight for their attention.” Effective inbound campaigns generate leads and focus multiple marketing channels toward one goal.

Too much money and effort is spent on single-channel marketing programs with few results and even less measurable Return on Investment (ROI). We understand how to utilize a multi-channel approach to get the most impact from your marketing dollars. Let us help you break down the silos between email, social media and AdWords and create an inbound marketing program that maximizes your time, money and marketing assets.

In sync with the premier provider of inbound marketing methodology and tools

While Bluefish Digital has been preaching the core concepts of inbound marketing for years now, in 2016, our agency underwent the rigorous certification process to become a certified HubSpot Inbound Marketing partner.

For those of you already in the HubSpot ecosystem, we can help you maximize your investment in the program by planning and managing campaigns that generate quality leads. For those of you unfamiliar with Hubspot, we can provide an assessment to make sure that the tool is a good fit for your organization. If it is, we can help you create, execute and manage successful inbound campaigns and create content that bring the right leads to you at the right point in their buyer’s journey.

Our inbound marketing and HubSpot services include:

  • Inbound market planning
  • HubSpot training and support
  • Initial HubSpot assessment and setup
  • Inbound Campaign management
  • Content development

Need help implementing Hubspot or just want to juice up your inbound campaign? Call us at 978-238-1626 today.