Bluefish Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Bluefish, we consider search optimization to be the natural result of careful planning, great content and intentional distribution.

Search optimization (SEO) has come a long way from the days of keyword stuffing. The engineers at Google, Bing and elsewhere work every day to ensure that their algorithms return the best result for any given search request. The “best result” for any search is defined by many criteria including: site speed, quality of content, site bounce rate, inbound links, proper management of your webmaster tools account and more.

To simply relegate search engine optimization to a basic task is shortsighted and creates more work in the end. That’s why we consider SEO to be a strategic initiative rather than a “service line.” Proper alignment of specific optimization tactics, techniques and best practices is required at every stage in the content creation and execution phases, and we pay very close attention to those in our projects. By thinking in SEO terms from the very beginning, we ensure that everything we do from the earliest stages considers search optimization.

Some SEO specific services include:

Website Optimization Audit

A complete audit of your website based on branding, content, user experience, SEO, and keywords.

Like our buyer persona and market assessments, our Website Optimization program starts with an audit. We take holistic approach to looking at your website, coming to it from the view of several different types of buyer personas.

We measure every site based on several criteria from four key categories:

  • Content (both visuals and copy)
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • User experience and Interface
  • Keywords usage

We then compare your site to competitors and near neighbors for best practices. In some cases, we conduct customer and user interviews to get a deeper understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.
Our reports include specific and actionable recommendations that we can either implement together or can be executed by in house web resources.

SEO Strategy Consulting

Bluefish Digital can help you implement a deliberate SEO plan that starts with your website and extends into your content, social media and even public relations planning. Whether you are starting from scratch with a brand new product or website, or you’re looking to punch up a tired SEO program that is losing ground, Bluefish can review your existing assets and deliver a set of customized recommendations designed to impact your ranking and drive new leads.

Call us today at 978-238-1626 if you’d like to talk about our philosophy of search engine optimization and how we may be able to help.